Laughing Lotus

Lisa Caldon-Hansen is the proud owner of The Laughing Lotus, a center for happiness, hilarious happenings and celebration of life. Lisa conceived the idea of The Laughing Lotus three years ago as her grief therapy and ongoing tribute to her son who was killed helping a stranded trucker.

The Laughing Lotus is a multi-purpose facility that easily morphs from a combination rental space, performance venue, yoga studio and party site to a craft sale/boutique venue. Lisa first came to the SBDC in September 2010 seeking assistance with the creation of a business plan for the building she had purchased in Downtown Marysville. Her intent was to rent out the building to wellness practitioners as well as for special events, wedding receptions, etc. The building was finished, and she needed to work on her business plan and marketing strategies in order to ensure the building stayed full. She needed assistance creating a website as well as in creating contracts for her rental space and events.

Lisa has taken full advantage of the services offered by the SBDC, and her business has continued to grow. She has worked diligently to perfect her website, and she continues to market the venue to the public. She is positioning herself to conquer the wedding reception market, and The Laughing Lotus hosts a very successful “Downtown Comedy Review”.

Six months into the business Lisa is happy with the way it is progressing, and netted $2200 in June 2011. She has booked her first “year in advance” wedding, is moving forward with the “healing arts” aspect of the business, and continues to make capital improvements to the building such as a garden fountain in her patio area.

Lisa has an incredible outlook on life, and she is a pleasure to work with. She’s always smiling and willing to implement the SBDC consultants’ suggestions. When asked about her assistance from the SBDC, Lisa said “I really appreciate the help I've gotten from the SBDC. I would have thrown my computer out of the window months ago if it had not been for Mike helping me with my technology information. I would not have known how important the social networking or websites are. I feel that he has helped me the most in getting up to speed with a new business.”